Highland Dance Program

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In 1999, the organization expanded it's mission statement to include, as
part of our mission, the promotion, preservation and performance of Scottish
Highland Dance. To take on such a task, the Band was fortunate to recruit
Jenny May as it's chief instructor. With some advertising as well as other
promotions and a lot of hard work on the part of Jenny, the school now
boasts many students, in several different age group classes. The Highland
Dance class is now an independent organization run by Jenny May, and remains
affiliated with the North Coast Pipe Band, collaborating on public performances
in the region year round.

Contact Jenny directly for information about course offerings: Jenny's Email.

Rhuna Wall now teaches introductory Highland dance basics at the pipe
band's practice facility. Rhuna is not yet old enough to sit the teacher's exam to
become formally certified so her students are not eligible to compete in sanctioned
events. However, should any of the beginner students wish to compete, they are
referred to Jenny May's Highland Dance classes for certified instruction until Rhuna
gets her teacher's certificate. Rhuna, pictured below, just placed second overall
in her age group at the United States National Championship, held August 14th
in Traverse City Michigan in 2010! Also, Rhuna just got back from a tour of the
United Kingdom. Pictured below are a few images of results in 4 different venues:
Musselburough Overseas Championship Aug 12, 4th overall
RSPBA Championship Aug 13, 6th overall out of over 30 competitors, single and all winners.
Musselburough Open Championship Aug 14, two 5ths and a medal placing out of over 30
competitors. Melrose Championship three 2nds, two 3rds and an eighth out of about 18
competitors. In 2012, Rhuna will go back and take a shot at the Commonwealth
Championships and the Cowal World Championships. The last picture is Rhuna holding the Cowal World Championship
Adult Overall Winner trophy. She'll have to wait until she is 18 to take a crack at THAT one!

Musselburgh Championship, Aug 12, 2011, 4th overall winner

RSPBA Championship, Aug 13, 2011, 6th overall winner

RSPBA Championship, Aug 13, 2011, top six overall winners

Musselburough Championship, Aug 14, 2011, 5th overall winner (three on the left) and Melrose Championship (three on the right plus three 2nds not shown (cash awards))

Cowal World Championship, Aug 27, 2011, Holding the Adult Overall winner trophy (for fun).

United States Inter-Regional Championship, Aug 14, 2010, 2nd overall winner



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